AI assisted software outsourcing that brings in a new realm of pricing, delivery & transparency efficiency. is our focused effort to “unscrew outsourcing” and use technology to disrupt the one industry that has shaken so many others.

We’re combining the best of AI & Machine Learning with the brightest technologists to deliver engineering engagements that are always timely, transparent, and predictable.



No hidden costs

We share all pricing upfront. You will have total control and clarity on how much it is going to cost to build your idea.


Flexible contracts

The nature of our contracts is such that they are super receptive to your evolving idea. You will never be stuck.


Always transparent

Our online concierge simplifies any project scope. It is damn easy for you to pick and choose from our à la carte menu.

How we kick it

Do you want us to build your idea or have our tech-obsessed team work with yours?


Choose your project.

We could either build your idea from scratch or augment your existing project. We support seamless cross-platform development. You will be amazed by our versatility.


How fast do you need it?

Direct us how fast you want us to deliver. If you have more time and patience, we charge you the standard price. But if you want us to go full throttle, we can with a little premium.


Weekly pricing, weekly deliverables.

Project stakeholders can expect weekly builds and constant contact throughout. If the project is done early, you get a rebate. If the project runs over - it’s on us.


Start within 10 days.

Your engineering team will be ready to start on your project within 10 days. Our top engineers are sourced from universities like MIT, IIT, Imperial and University of Waterloo - and have worked at companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Price your idea with Simba.

In less than 5 minutes, price your idea on Simba, our personal concierge.


Choose the technologists

Your handpicked engineering team will be ready to start on your project within 10 days. Our AI and Machine Learning components coupled with our vetted top-1% engineers and designers will get to work, and you’ll have total transparency and communication throughout.


Commitment & Location-Based Discount.

Avail discount based on geographic boundaries on services apart from meeting your commitments.

Get Started.

All prices listed for all types of engineering.